Renowned for its rapid expansion, the hospitality industry plays a vital role in bolstering the economies of various countries. Defined by its offerings of accommodation, culinary delights, and beverages, event space, it prioritizes customer service above all. Strategic human resource management emerges as a key driver of success within this thriving sector. 


fpSOLUTIONS was created to help the hospitality industry stay ahead of state and federal compliance requirements and best employment practices through our suite of critical compliance toolkits and essential employment resources, which are easy-to-use, downloadable, and customizable.  From our Complete Tip Credit Toolkit to our California Meal and Rest Period Policies, we provide peace of mind when it comes to workplace compliance

Our solutions include turnkey (but adaptable) workplace documents, checklists, compliance toolkits, our suite of best-in-class online training (FPS University) that engages leaners and optimizes retention, and a wide range of consulting services delivered by experienced HR professionals. 


fpSOLUTIONS takes the guesswork of staying in compliance. Check out our list of workplace easy-to-use products, here.

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fpSOLUTIONS is powered by Fisher Phillips, an international employment law firm that understands there are many different approaches to staffing in today’s fluid business environment.  Fisher Phillips’ Hospitality team is on top of the special workplace challenges you face, including complying with wage and hour, sexual harassment, and ADA accessibility laws. Our lawyers are longtime members of – and thought leaders for – industry groups including the American Hotel and Lodging Association, the National Restaurant Association, the Coalition of Franchisee Associations, and the Asian American Hotel Owners Association, along with more than 20 state and local organizations across the United States.