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We are continually adding new products and services curated to your business needs. Below are just some of the product offerings we're working on for you. fpSOLUTIONS was created in conjunction with Fisher Phillips to deliver customizable documents, checklists, forms, handbooks and compliance toolkits as well as a comprehensive suite of consulting services. Want to know when we launch these products and services? Email us at 

FPS University - Enterprise Security Awareness and Compliance Training for Every Business. 


FPS University’s award-winning eLearning solutions engages learners and optimizes retention. Our master class of online courses are created by a team of instructional designers that have more than 60 years of combined elearning experience. 

  • Every aspect of our courses are optimized for engagement and retention to create immersive, relatable learning experiences.
  • We don’t just teach learners how to recognize cyberthreats – we empower them to become defenders against cybercrime.
  • We’ve helped some of the world’s largest companies to change the behavior of their employees and protect their data from cyberattacks.

All courses are translated into multiple languages!

PEO Portal  


fpSOLUTIONS meets PEOs and their clients at the intersection of compliance, operations, and human resources. With a dedicated PEO Portal featuring exclusive PEO products and services – FPS enables PEOs to comply with their unique obligations without compromising on efficiency and client service.

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 California New Hire Packet       I-9 Compliance Packet           FPS KnowledgeCloud  

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