Role-Based Security Awareness Solution

  • Security Awareness for Executives

    Security Awareness for Executives

    With the goal of breaching your network, Cybercriminals have stepped up their efforts to target C-level executives, upper management and those with privileged access to an organization’s systems with a variety of focused attacks. This course...

  • Privileged User Security

    Privileged User Security

    Hackers and cybercriminals specifically target privileged users. After all, they have access to an organization’s most prized data. This course will teach privileged users the security best practices they’re expected to follow in order to...

  • Security Awareness for Managers

    Security Awareness for Managers

    Developed for managers and those who supervise employees, this course will introduce concepts and techniques that will aid managers in developing their staff into a security-savvy workforce, capable of defending against attacks from cybercriminals and...