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Compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a marathon and, fortunately, fpSOLUTIONS is here to help you cross the finish line!

Below you will find a menu of CCPA-focused templates available to efficiently assist your business in developing the policies, notices, and other materials that go along with the nation’s most stringent and burdensome data privacy law – especially with the swath of additional rules that went online January 1, 2023, and March 29, 2023, as well as additional regulations expected to be implemented in 2024/2025.

These templates include detailed drafting instructions to assist your HR leaders, in-house counsel, outside counsel, and privacy compliance team in customizing the documents based on your business’s data collection, use, and retention practices and needs.

If you are not familiar with what’s required to comply with the CCPA, we recommend you consult with your privacy counsel, or start out with purchasing our comprehensive compliance checklist.

CCPA Compliance Documents

Do we have templates you can purchase?

1. Yes! While purchasing “templates” does not guarantee full compliance with the CCPA, it is a great place to start your CCPA compliance journey. Some templates are ready to use as is, while other templates must be specifically tailored for your business.

Not to worry though,as we included detailed instructions on what factual information must be added or verified.

2.Purchasing “templates” does not guarantee full compliance with the CCPA, so we recommend you work with your privacy counsel.

If you don’t have one, we know a great team of privacy attorneys at Fisher Phillips, in fact the same team that drafted and will continue to update all these CCPA templates.

3.Your business may not need all these templates. Consult with your privacy counsel to determine what you need.

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