​Blue Pencil Box – Complex Laws Made Simple.

​Blue Pencil Box – Complex Laws Made Simple.

Posted by fpSolutions on May 8th 2024

Blue Pencil Box, brought to you by fpSOLUTIONS, combines knowledge with technology to produce powerful compliance tools in a difficult legal area.

When used correctly, non-competition, non-solicitation, and non-disclosure agreements help employers prevent unfair competition and trade secret theft. The laws regulating these contracts have become incredibly complex, exposing unwary employers to significant liability and business risks.

Blue Pencil Box provides comprehensive compliance tools and daily updates to help attorneys, HR, and business leaders avoid liability and protect their business interests.

Daily Updates

Our Daily Rundown is the most comprehensive blog on non-compete and restrictive covenant law in the country. We provide national coverage on new cases, legislation, and regulatory developments every business day. Learn about key issues and developments you won’t find anywhere else, from state and federal cases to the latest actions by the FTC and NLRB.

Comprehensive Database

Our Smart Issue Surveys tool is the “50-state survey” improved. We cover 25 key issues and update them with new cases, bills, and regulations tracked every day. You can create a national snapshot of any issue or pick and choose any number of states and questions to create a custom report for your project, covering the latest legal developments.

Customizable Checklists

Take control over the confusing nuances in restrictive covenant law with our Smart Enforceability Checklists tool. Select the jurisdictions and provisions applicable to your project to create a custom checklist covering administrative and substantive legal issues, from advance notice, minimum compensation, and consideration requirements, to limits on temporal or geographic scope, and more.

Bill Tracker

Explore an interactive map showing every pending bill that might impact restrictive covenant law around the country. The Bill Tracker stays up to date in real time, so you always have the latest insight on what might affect your business in the future.

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