PEO (Professional Employer Organization)




fpSOLUTIONS partners with PEOs (professional employer organizations) by offering three core HR compliance solutions to their clients, providing peace of mind for dealing with everyday employment challenges.


Our solutions include turnkey (but adaptable) workplace documents, checklists, compliance toolkits, our suite of best-in-class online training (FPS University) that engages leaners and optimizes retention, and a wide range of consulting services delivered by experienced HR professionals. 




Many PEOs also offer strategic services, but no two are exactly alike. This is where fpSOLUTIONS comes in! We help a PEO's clients’ employees stay ahead of state and federal compliance requirements and best employment practices through our suite of critical compliance toolkits and essential employment resources, which are easy-to-use, downloadable, and customizable.


Let fpSOLUTIONS help grow your organization by adding our solutions to your offerings. Reach out to partner with FPS, today!

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fpSOLUTIONS is powered by Fisher Phillips, an international employment law firm that understands there are many different approaches to staffing in today’s fluid business environment. The staffing platform options, and terminology are constantly evolving, often involving complex multi-party relationships. The firm has represented and advocated for the PEO industry from the early days of “staff leasing,” when there was little to no licensing and limited legal certainty, to the present day with over 40 states regulating PEOs, IRS certification, and broad legal recognition of the PEO model. We are proud members, contributors, and Medallion sponsors of the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO).