HR challenges in the manufacturing industry are vastly different from those in the service sector. Reports by the Society for Human Resource Management show one of the biggest HR challenges in the manufacturing industry is “saying goodbye to boomers.”


A study by Deloitte predicted that around 2.6 billion baby boomers will retire from the manufacturing industry between 2018 and 2028. So how do HR managers retain and develop talent, minimize injuries and OSHA violations, manage wage and hour practices, defend against cyberattacks, all while staying in compliance with a myriad of employment laws and regulations? 

This is here fpSOLUTIONS comes in.

fpSOLUTIONS was developed to support and guide employers in complex workplace environments, including manufacturing, to stay ahead of state and federal compliance requirements and best employment practices through our suite of critical compliance toolkits and essential employment resources, all of which are easy-to-use, downloadable, and customizable.   
Our solutions include turnkey (but adaptable) workplace documents, checklists, compliance toolkits, our suite of best-in-class online training (FPS University) that engages leaners and optimizes retention, as well as a wide range of consulting services delivered by experienced HR professionals.  



fpSOLUTIONS provides top-flight solutions to ensure you don’t slow down production.  Check out our list of workplace easy-to-use products, here.


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