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  • Phishing Defense Essentials

    Phishing Defense Essentials

    Learn how to stay ahead of hackers and cyber criminals who aim to steal data and insert malicious payloads by learning and applying the best practices outlined in this module. Topics: Anti-Phishing Best Practices

  • Physical Security    

    Physical Security   

    Your personal safety at work is of paramount importance. This course is designed to teach employees how to protect an organization from criminals, espionage, workplace violence, natural disasters, and other threats. ...

  • Preventing Malware: Mobile Devices

    Preventing Malware: Mobile Devices

    This course acknowledges the commonplace usage of mobile devices at work and explains key vulnerabilities that users must be aware of. By mastering the information presented in this course you will be able to help defend your mobile devices from security...

  • Preventing Retaliation

    Preventing Retaliation

    Employees are protected by law from retaliation for filing an abusive conduct, harassment, or discrimination complaint. Yet, retaliation continues to be one of the most frequently filed charges with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). In...

  • Preventing Workplace Bullying (for Supervisors)

    Preventing Workplace Bullying (for Supervisors)

    Workplace bullying is repeated malicious conduct of one or more employees by one or more perpetrators. If workplace bullying is not handled properly, it can have lasting, negative effects on both the victim(s) and the overall workplace. This course will...

  • Preventing Workplace Violence for Supervisors

    Preventing Workplace Violence for Supervisors

    Workplace violence is any act or threat of physical violence, harassment, intimidation, or other disruptive behavior that occurs at the worksite. The threat of workplace violence remains a serious concern for any business; in an average week in the U.S.,...

  • Privacy and Data Protection

    Privacy and Data Protection

    This course will help employees understand what information is private, why it is private, and what they can do to protect it throughout the data lifecycle, which is the life of a piece of information, whether in paper or digital format, from creation to...

  • Privileged User Security

    Privileged User Security

    Hackers and cybercriminals specifically target privileged users. After all, they have access to an organization’s most prized data. This course will teach privileged users the security best practices they’re expected to follow in order to...

  • Protecting Against Malicious Insiders

    Protecting Against Malicious Insiders

    The threat is real. It’s taking place somewhere, right now. A malicious insider has decided to mount a cyberattack against your organization from the inside out. This malicious insider will stop at nothing to get the data they need to commit theft,...

  • Protecting Against Spear Phishers

    Protecting Against Spear Phishers

    Spear phishing attacks target individuals with highly tailored emails that appears to be coming from a co-work or someone they know and trust, making it difficult to avoid opening attachments, clicking on infected links, or replying to attackers with...

  • Protecting Mobile Data and Devices

    Protecting Mobile Data and Devices

    Because today’s smartphones and tablets can not only act as a phone, but also as an email client, mobile Internet device, camera, GPS navigation system, entertainment console, and platform for any number of applications (apps), they can be exposed...