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Few industries are faced with as many unique and complex workplace challenges as are auto dealerships.  For owners and managers operators[BS1] , it must often feel like you’re on the brink of an employment breakdown.


fpSOLUTIONS was created with you in mind - to solve these HR challenges and give you back the time you need to dedicate to running your dealership. Whether you are struggling with recruiting top talent, enduring high turnover, trying to grasp the nuances of exempt and non-exempt status or dealing with OSHA and other regulatory agencies, we offer tools and solutions for a smooth ride when dealing with workplace issues.

Our solutions include turnkey (but adaptable) workplace documents, checklists, compliance toolkits, our suite of best-in-class online training (FPS University) that engages leaners and optimizes retention, as well as a wide range of consulting services delivered by experienced HR professionals. 


fpSOLUTIONS helps businesses in the automotive industry get ahead and stay ahead of state and federal compliance requirements and best employment practices through our suite of critical compliance toolkits and essential employment resources, which are easy-to-use, downloadable, and customizable.


No need to re-event the wheel. Reach out to partner with FPS, today! Check out our list of workplace products, here.

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fpSOLUTIONS is powered by Fisher Phillips, an international employment law firm that understands there are many different approaches to staffing in today’s fluid business environment. The Fisher Phillips Automotive Dealership Team has represented automobile and other vehicle dealers and dealer groups nationwide for over half a century. When you call us for advice, you instantly tap into decades of experience dealing with your industry and the resources of a firm exclusively devoted to labor and employment law. You won’t have to explain what F&I managers do or how service technicians are paid. Our long and close association with the retail automobile industry uniquely positions us to help you solve your employee problems with minimal disruption.