Disclaimer - Prevailing Wage

This Prevailing Wage Compliance Checklist (IRA and Davis Bacon) and any information contained herein is provided for informational purposes only, and does not constitute legal or tax advice.  Any document(s) and information should be reviewed by your respective legal counsel for the state(s) and jurisdiction(s) in which your employees work and/or in which you operate to ensure compliance with all applicable federal and state law, and to ensure that it is appropriate to your particular situation This checklist does not apply to state and local prevailing wage laws, which may apply to your project.  They are intended to provide guidance under federal law only, and only as of the last revision date of the document.  Moreover, depending on where your project is located, additional state and local wage and hour laws may add additional requirements not encapsulated within the document.  The document is not mean to replace legal advice, and we encourage you to speak with counsel to ensure compliance.  The materials are intended for personal use only and distribution without fpSOLUTIONS express written consent is prohibited.